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The Democratization of the Freelance Economy

Building on an Established Community

We are Moonlighting, one of the fastest-growing and most trusted marketplaces in the United States’ freelance economy. Backed by the three largest news media companies, the Moonlighting community has grown to more than 700,000 freelancers and small business owners since our inception more than 3 years ago.

Moonlighting Gets Better with Blockchain Technology

To address the most significant issues currently plaguing the freelance economy, Moonlighting will become the first U.S.-based freelance marketplace to incorporate blockchain technology into its already robust and trusted platform.


Eliminating the Risk of Online Hiring

Through blockchain technology, the accuracy and authenticity of freelance worker reviews, work history, and online profiles will be immutable. This will remove the anonymity and inconsistency slowing down employer decisions and allow Moonlighting to become the most trusted choice for online hiring.


Empowering the Distribution of Data

By decentralizing Moonlighting user reviews and profile data, we will give control of data back to the user; empowering users to own their data, giving them the freedom to securely share and port their data.


Reducing the Cost of Doing Business

Through the introduction of a native, global cryptographic token, Moonlighting will reduce the arbitrary and excessive freelance marketplace fees, international currency exchange fees, and payment processing fees that take money out of freelancers' pockets.

Road Map

Grab and drag within the timeline to discover our history and future plans.

  1. Moonlighting
  2. Moonlighting
    $500K Angel Round
  3. Moonlighting
    Alpha Launch
    1,000 Users
  4. Moonlighting
    Beta Launch

  5. Apple #1 Business App
    11,000 Users
  6. McClatchy
    Strategic Partnership McClatchy
  7. McClatchy
    McClatchy Strategic Partnership & Investment
    35,000 Users
  8. Moonlighting
    Launch Web Version
  9. Local Media Consortium Local Media Consortium Strategic Partnership
  10. Verizon Verizon Strategic Partnership
  11. Gannett Gannett Strategic Partnership & Investment
    60,000 Users
    Launch Suite of SaaS Tools - Moonbeam
  12. Verizon Launch Verizon
    130,000 Users
  13. tronc
    Strategic Partnership & Investment
  14. Apple #4 Job Posting App
    170,000 Users
  15. tronc
    Signed Partnership with Gatehouse Media & Digital First Media
  16. McClatchy
    McClatchy Investment
  17. Apple #9 App
    600,000+ Users
  18. Moonbit
  19. Introduction of National Branded Video Campaign
    Introduction of National Branded Video Campaign
  20. Internationalization Phase 1
    Internationalization Phase 1
  21. Internationalization Phase 2
    Internationalization Phase 2
  22. Blockchain Rewards
    Blockchain Rewards
  23. Profile Portability
    Profile Portability
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Board & Advisors

Charles R. Cory
Director of Alteryx
Managing Director of Morgan Stanley

Chris Hendricks
Former VP for Strategic Initiatives for McClatchy
Chairman of LMC

Alex Meza
VP of Corporate Development, Gannett

Paul Nolde
NRV & Virginia
Blockchain Council

Lori Dicesare
President & CEO, Legal Placements

Bruce Culver
Director, Futures Inc., Founder & CEO of IdealHire, Technologies Inc., Founded Lab Support, Inc.

John Duncan
First Data Corp., MasterCard,
Citibank, Poynt

Tobias Dengel
CEO, WillowTree, Inc.

Andy Pergam
VP, New Ventures, McClatchy

John Paton
Founder & Chairman of IVA Ventures

Robert Santos
Managing Director, Arrowroot Advisors

John Huffman
Founder of Creators Capital

Rob C. Masri
Woods Rogers Counsel

Simon Cocking
Editor in Chief, Cryptocoin.News

Ben Arnon
Co-Founder & CEO, Color Farm Media

The Founding Team

Jeff Tennery
Founder & CEO

Ritesh Johar
Co-Founder & CTO

Roy Slater
Co-Founder & COO

Jenny Knizner
Vice President of Marketing

Rahul Katare
Director of Technology
Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Caroline Marks
Director of Accounting

Eric Brooks
Sr. Software & Blockchain Engineer

James Skipp
Software Engineer

Backed By

Partnered With

Moonlighting has partnered with highly experienced advisory and legal teams with expertise in emerging technologies, finance, and startups.

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